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3D Tooth Wear Assessment in Dentistry and Orthodontics (Ph.D. Thesis)

Gkantidis, N
University of Groningen, Netherlands, 2022

3D Workflows in Orthodontics, Maxillofacial Surgery and Prosthodontics (Ph.D. Thesis)

van der Meer, W J
University of Groningen, Netherlands, 2016

A 3D Approach in Quantification of the Alveolar Bone Changes After Dental Implant Placement Based on CBCT Images (Ph.D. Thesis)

Cheng, X
Queen Mary University of London, 2017

A Comparison of Fluoride Uptake, Enamel Surface Hardness and Surface Remineralization Using Three Different Fluoride Varnishes: In Vitro Study (Doctor of Science in Dentistry Thesis)

Al Ismail, M
Boston University, USA, 2018

A Dental Revolution? : the Intriguing Effects of the Profound Social and Dietary Changes of the 18/19th Centuries on the Masticatory System (Ph.D. Thesis)

Silvester, CM
University College London, 2021

A Histological Examination of Enamel Microevolution Over 2000 Years of Human History Using British Populations (Ph.D. Thesis)

Aris, C
University of Kent, 2021

A Multi-Functional st-ELR Scaffold for Dentin Regeneration (Ph.D. Thesis)

Lan, C
University of Minnesota, USA, 2018

A Multi-Methods Approach To Build Evidence-Based Practice For Using Silver Diamine Fluoride For Managing Carious Lesions In Children (Ph.D. Thesis)

Seifo, N
University of Dundee, 2021

A Multi-Methods Approach to Explore the Organisational Level Barriers and Facilitators to the Implementation of Evidence-Based Guidance in Primary Care (Ph.D. Thesis)

Cassie, H C
University of Dundee, 2016

A New-Generation Device for Patients with Positional Obstructive Sleep Apnea (Ph.D Thesis)

Benoist, L B L
University of Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2019

A Novel Biomimetic Scaffold for Guided Tissue Regeneration of the Pulp - Dentin Complex (Ph.D Thesis)

Gangolli, R A
Temple University, USA, 2016

A Randomised Clinical Trial of the Effectiveness of Orthodontic Treatment Between the 0.018-Inch and the 0.022-Inch Slot Conventional Ligation Bracket Systems (Ph.D. Thesis)

Al-Naseri, Y A Y
University of Dundee, 2017

A Randomised Controlled Trial to Compare Preparation of Molars for Orthodontic Bonding Using a Debonding Bur Versus No Preparation (Ph.D. Thesis)

Virdi, M K
University of Bristol, 2020

A Review of Multiple Hypothesis Testing in Relation to the Use of Lateral Cephalometric Variables as the Outcome Measure in Orthodontic Research (Ph.D. Thesis)

Pua, S C
University of Liverpool, 2018

Adherence of Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) to Different Veneering Materials and Evaluation of the Mechanical Properties (Doctor of Science in Dentistry Thesis)

Hafiz, W K
Boston University, USA, 2020

Adolescent and Parent Decision-Making and Preferences in Hypodontia Care Using Discrete Choice Experiment (Ph.D. Thesis)

Barber, S K
University of Leeds, 2019

Agenda-Setting for Research in Oral Health Care: Connecting Perspectives (Ph.D Thesis)

van der Wouden, P
University of Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2022

Alcohol Consumption, Periodontal Disease and Plasma Homocysteine Levels (Doctor of Science in Dentistry Thesis)

Alsharief, M
Boston University, USA, 2018

Algorithms & Techniques for Studying In Vitro Oral Biofilms (Ph.D. Thesis)

Luo, T
University of Michigan, USA, 2018

Altered Bone Cell Biology Associated with Type Two Diabetes Mellitus : Consequences for Periodontal Disease (Ph.D. Thesis)

Al-Qarakhli, A
Cardiff University, 2018